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Passion for codding

I started dabbling with web design and codding in 2008 from pure curiosity, then getting interested, and finally it became my passion. So, I have 16 years commercial experience working as a freelance Full-Stack Web Developer with clients. I constantly trying to learn and improve my knowledges in the working process.


Born in Pleven, Bulgaria on 17.02.1967.


  • 1985 The High School of Fine Arts, Triavna, Bulgaria.
  • 1995 Master degree in Woodcarving in National Academy of arts, Sofia, Bulgaria, in the class of prof. Anton Donchev.

Relevant skills and experience

Front-end Development

  • HTML5
  • HTML Canvas
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Performance
  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • UI/UX animations
  • Photoshop

Back-end Development

  • PHP
  • MySql
  • Server, Network, and Hosting Environment
  • Data Modeling
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